For many years, my passion has been the analysis of the financial markets and the associated successful trading with a wide variety of financial instruments. As a trading coach, I am happy to pass on my experience and knowledge to you.


Learning to trade and being successful at it is not that difficult in itself, provided you have mastered the technical analysis and have the appropriate mindset to know how. I would like to bring these two factors closer to you in my seminars or in individual mentoring, among other things.


My offer is aimed at both beginners and professionals. I will pick you up exactly where you want and can enter the trading area based on your knowledge. Beginners get an insight into the basics of trading from me and can make their first experiences in trading with my help. Professionals expand their knowledge and learn new tips and tricks in my seminars or in individual mentoring.


Are you seeing a “chart” for the first time? Then you are exactly right. With my help, I will explain the way to successful trading step-by-step.


Have you already managed to get started with chart technology? Then you can deepen your expertise with me!


A professional never stops learning! Let's fine-tune your profitable trading strategy together.


Controlling emotions is an aspect of the stock market that should not be underestimated. Learn how to control them with valuable tips.


In my trading courses, you will get to know the different trading classes and different financial instruments. In addition, learning technical analysis is the basis for successful trading.


Whether as a forex trading coach or a specialist in stock coaching: With me, you will receive comprehensive training as a trader so that you can then act independently in the market and make your first effective trading experiences.



If you want personal coaching tailored to your individual needs, I recommend individual mentoring. In this case, too, it doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have. In individual mentoring, I address your needs and special wishes in coaching. Individual mentoring is also a good choice if you want to achieve certain goals in the shortest possible time.


Benefit from my many years of experience and my profound knowledge and learn from me how to be successful on the stock exchange!