At this point, I would like to give an evaluation, because good performance should of course also be “rewarded”.

Since 2018, I have been dealing more intensively with the topic of trading. My successes so far have been +/- 100%. Of course, you can’t live on that. In the past, I have spent a lot of money on seminars/coaching. It was definitely worth the money, as I was always able to expand my expertise. But as is the case with trading; knowledge and application are very far apart and the psyche also plays a very important role here. It is essential to be clear in advance about where you want to go on your own journey. Do you want to invest or do you want to speculate?

I learned a lot about different ways of trading, but somehow I hadn’t found my personal “setup”. Luckily I found a broker that offers excellent customer service and loads of helpful webinars. That’s how I finally “found” Thomas Hartmann.

Full of euphoria, I took part in one of his seminars on-site. The chemistry was right immediately and I got to know Thomas as a very professional and experienced trader. He always remained authentic, didn’t promise you “Become a millionaire in 10 days”, but realistically showed what opportunities trading can offer.

But this is only feasible if mine has a working strategy. Just going into the market like that can be very, very expensive (unfortunately I speak from experience).

I decided to do coaching with Thomas Hartmann and I am very happy about this decision. I received coaching from Thomas that was really tailored just to me, which supports my personal trading style. He was also a great help in choosing the right trading instruments for me. I can approach him at any time, he analyzes my trades, gives me very helpful tips and really excellent support.

– Anonymous