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Thomas Hartmann

Thomas Hartmann is already active on the stock exchange at the early age of 15. After his multiple attempts in the CFD market with the so-called “trial and error” method, he started to have a short-term breakthrough and became a technical analysis specialist at the age of 17. It was then followed by a number of seminars, workshops, and road shows. Eventually, success only came after several years of hard work and dedication. Failure after failure scorched earth after scorched earth … You know it. The real and long-term breakthrough then finally came in his mid-20s. His trading became consistently successful over a span of years. As a trader and as someone who has always relied on the stock market to live, Thomas is and always has been “only” a trader. During that time, he also decided to study law and enrolled at the University of Law. Then, after his studies were finished and his examinations were completed, he longed for the good ol’ days of his college life.


He had come to a point where his trading became “boring”, and he looked for new challenges. In 2017, he founded his sole proprietorship and passes on his knowledge to anyone who would be interested in trading. Different from the usual competitors, the company that Thomas founded doesn’t teach gray theory for weeks but mostly focuses on practical trading. Currently, Thomas has trained over 200 participants, more or less successfully. Students who are passionate about the topic and is motivated almost always has a successful outcome from every coaching session.


His other qualification was acquired in the field of the financial industry, with the degree of insurance specialist (IHK). This is for him to not sell insurance, but rather to sharpen his expertise and keep options open for the financial professional.


As of now, a one-man business has become a “small brand”. Two corporations were founded in 2021: Hartmann Coaching GmbH and Hartmann Kapital GmbH. Several employees work with him.



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