“I’m really glad I made that decision at the time!”

In January 2021 I started trading on the stock exchange. Initially, I tried to acquire knowledge about the German and American stock market via YouTube videos and posts in various forums, but I quickly noticed that there only superficially scratched the whole topic and these offer no real added value. Furthermore, like almost every beginner, I made the big mistake of blindly going to the stock market with real money, and the result was something everyone can imagine (I lost a lot of money).

I searched the internet for a solution and came across coaching, more precisely the coaching of Thomas Hartmann. So I filled out the contact form on the website and described exactly what my problem and goal were. Mr. Hartmann then contacted me by e-mail and arranged a non-binding initial meeting with me. On the phone I already noticed that Mr. Hartmann is a very sympathetic person and left no question unanswered. After the conversation I decided to book the 10 hours coaching with him.
The coaching included five hours of intensive on-site training and another five hours of follow-up support via an online conference platform. During the five hours on-site, I was slowly introduced to the stock market and taught everything about technical analysis. The entire process was very structured, so you weren’t overwhelmed with a bunch of information right at the beginning. In these five hours I learned exactly what you would never find on the Internet. I thought it was great that Mr. Hartmann spoke openly about the mistakes he had made in the past, so that I would not make the same mistakes in the future. After the five hours of intensive training in his office, I was given “homework” on the subject of technical analysis, which was then discussed in detail in the five hours of follow-up support. So this means that you apply what you have learned during the coaching and this is also controlled.

The aftercare helped me a lot because I was able to work independently and yet there was always someone looking over my shoulder telling me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong, really a big plus. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that even after the agreed five hours of aftercare, Mr. Hartmann was always there for me. Even now, Mr. Hartmann is still there for me and gives me tips or answers questions. It is therefore very important to him that his participants are and remain successful on the stock market in the future.

I am really very glad that I made the decision at that time and booked a coaching with Thomas Hartmann. For me it was an investment for my life, because the knowledge I acquired through Mr. Hartmann enables me to live from it today and to lead my life the way I want to. Of course, I also experienced setbacks during this time, but the most important thing is to stay on the ball and not give up right at the first problem.
So I can only recommend the coaching of Mr. Hartmann, especially if you want to learn quickly and in detail about the stock market and technical analysis. Therefore, I would also like to thank Mr. Hartmann for his effort and helpfulness. They have enriched my life a bit in a positive sense and enabled me to live a life that many people dream of.