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If you value personal support and want to achieve specific goals quickly, then individual one-on-one coaching is the best choice for you.


It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you start with, as the coaching is tailored exactly to your needs.


Understand the ups and downs of the financial markets and use them to your advantage, get to know and assess stock market psychology, and learn all the components of technical analysis properly and use it responsibly.


You can learn about these and many other topics in my seminars.


You can also book me as a speaker for your event or seminar.


The exact content of the lectures on technical analysis and related topics will be discussed in advance so that the desired core topics are in focus.


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Thanks to his almost 20 years of experience, Thomas Hartmann teach all the necessary knowledge to train you to become a successful trader. In his seminars and coaching sessions, he confidently addresses all questions and requirements relating to successful stock market trading by means of the sensible, goal-oriented application of technical analysis. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in indices, stocks, commodities, or other currencies.


Are you a beginner or already advanced? Thomas Hartmann turns you into an independent trader who knows how to use technical analysis effectively and accompanies you to your personal trading success. In addition to being well-founded in risk and money management, which includes special emotion training, he shows how all relevant trading instruments can be used responsibly step by step.


On the way to becoming your own asset manager with a focus on sustainable capital preservation, with simultaneous top results, you will get to know all the preferred trading classes. This happens regardless of the types of trading and by means of target-oriented strategies in practical dealings on the financial markets. We would be happy to let you decide which approach, such as a day or swing trading, suits you best. Your personal success and an approach tailored to you are the focus here.


Optimize your asset structure and increase your capital efficiently! Benefit from the experience that Thomas Hartmann has established over the years as a financial analyst and professional trader.

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Assistent /Sekretär (M/W/D)

Die Firma Hartmann Kapital und Coaching GmbH ist ein modernes und junges Unternehmen, welches sich auf die Vermögensverwaltung sowie Seminare und Coachings im Finanzmarkt spezialisiert hat.

Für den Firmensitz Pforzheim wird ab sofort ein Assistent / Sekretär (m/w/d) für die Geschäftsführung gesucht.

Was Dich erwartet
  • Korrespondenz in deutscher und englischer Sprache
  • Unterstützung der Social Media-Kanäle
  • Mitgliederadministration
  • Koordination, Organisation sowie Vor- und Nachbereitung von Terminen, Besprechungen und Veranstaltungen – traditionell und digital
  • Terminverwaltung und Büroorganisation
  • Eigenständige Bearbeitung von Projekten
  • Vorbereitung bzw. Erstellung von Präsentationen
  • Erstellung und Aktualisierung von Seminarunterlagen
Was wir erwarten
  • Eine abgeschlossene kaufmännische Ausbildung
  • Erfahrung bei der Organisation von Veranstaltungen
  • Sehr gute kommunikative und organisatorische Fähigkeiten
  • Sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse
  • Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift
  • Bereitschaft zur Eigeninitiative sowie zur selbstständigen Arbeit
  • Routinierter Umgang mit allen MS-Office-Programmen und Affinität zu modernen Softwareanwendungen
  • Freude an eigenverantwortlicher Arbeit
  • Teamfähigkeit
Wer wir sind und was wir bieten
  • Ein attraktives und abwechslungsreiches Aufgabengebiet in einem modernen Unternehmen
  • Leistungsgerechte Bezahlung
  • Einen modernen Arbeitsplatz in Pforzheim
  • Ein angenehmes Arbeitsklima in einem hochmotivierten Team


Art der Stelle: Minijob

Arbeitszeiten: Montag bis Freitag

Homeoffice: Nein


20 years of experience in stock exchange trading with a focus on technical financial market analysis and work as a project manager in foreign exchange trading are the basis of my profession. Today, I want to pass this knowledge to interested traders who would like to be a part of individual coaching sessions and seminars.